Sportcraft Volleyball Net and Post Set Review

Sportcraft Volleyball Net and Post Set
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I was looking everywhere for a good sturdy volleyball system that wasn't going to cost me more than $100. I went to Sports Authority several times and most of the systems that I saw there were made of very cheap looking PVC pipe and didn't have half the features of this great set. So I went and bought it from Target, which is actually where you are buying this set from even if you order from here.
So I bought it early in the morning one day before going to the beach. It must have taken us about half an hour to set up. It isn't very hard to follow the instructions that it brings and once you attach the tensioners on the pole, you never have to do it again, and everything else just snaps together. The included sand discs were a life saver because we quickly realized the stakes would not hold solid in the sand.
Once we had this thing set up, we found some other people on the beach and played a few games. When we got tired and were heading for the water, another group of people just started playing on our court! We told them that as long as they took care of it, that it was fine. One kid landed on one of the poles and nearly knocked it over, but all he had to do was pull it straight which only took a whole two seconds. After they were done, we played another 5 games. All in all it made our beach trip very very enjoyable and I love this thing. I'm looking forward to many more beach days with it. (I live in miami).
My only recommendation is that you go to walmart or a hardware store and buy 180 feet of cheap yellow rope because the very thin white one that comes with the set for marking the court boundaries is hard to see. Once you have the rope, tie or crimp the ends together. When you set up your court, simply stretch the rope in a rectangle, and now you have your more visible court boundary. You might also want to bring a small shovel with you to the beach to bury the sand discs. No hammer required unless you are playing lawn volleyball.

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Whether you're at the beach or in the backyard, set up this net for some volleyball or badminton fun!
1.75" Diameter Sturdy Round Steel Poles (98" Above Ground)
E-Z Lock Net System and QuickPlay Set-Up
32' x 32" (9-Ply) Knotless Net with 2" Tarpaulin Top Tape
Side Sleeves with Dowels Provide Maximum Strength and Support
Patented On-Net Scorekeeping System
Tension Crank System, Court Marking Kit, Rope Carrier and Parts Storage Bag
Sand Discs for Beach Set-Up
Inflating Pump and Needle
Game Rules and Instruction Pamphlet
Complete Parts Form with Toll-Free Consumer Service Phone Number
Carry/Storage Bag with Shoulder Strap

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